CALFING 2020 Online, April 30th to May 9th

Sylvia Haskvitz
Michael Dillo
Ellen Eisenberg
Anne Walton
Rita Herzog
Zoom Teleconferencing Platform
Date / Time
Thursday, April 30, 2020 - 9:00 am to Saturday, May 9, 2020 - 12:00 pm America/Los Angeles

Rita Herzog

We invite you to the 2020 Candidates/Community Active Learning Forum Immersive NVC Gathering Online on Zoom!

CALFING 2020 Online

Candidates/Community Active Learning Forum Immersive NVC Gathering

A 9 Day International NVC Immersion for CNVC Certification Candidates

Empower yourself to move forward with your deepest aspirations on your path of knowing, sharing and living NVC to the best of your ability through living in a community of NVC consciousness!

Experience Marshall Rosenberg’s core curriculum for Nonviolent Communication from a team of seasoned international CNVC certified trainers and assessors!

Build a community of colleagues from around the world – both CNVC certified trainers and other candidates on the path to CNVC certification – for long-term support and collaboration!

The CALFING 2020 Online Team

Sylvia Haskvitz, CNVC Certified Trainer, CNVC Assessor (
Michael Dillo, CNVC Certified Trainer, CNVC Assessor (
Ellen Eisenberg, CNVC Certified Trainer (
Anne Walton, CNVC Certified Trainer (
Rita Herzog, CNVC Certified Trainer, CNVC Mama Assessor
Mark A. Friedman, CNVC Certification Candidate, CALF Liaison (


April 30th to May 9th with daily community meetings from 9am to 12pm (noon) Pacific/Los Angeles, CA time

We request that you plan to attend the 3-hour community meetings from start to finish, and are actively participating in retreat activities each day throughout the 9-day retreat.


Zoom Teleconferencing Platform and other community-supporting technologies


Join our group of CNVC certified trainers, assessors, certification candidates, and others committed to sharing NVC to deepen your knowing, living and sharing Nonviolent Communication. We will hold daily community meetings when we will join in activities related to the topic of the day taken from Marshall Rosenberg’s International Intensive Training (IIT) curriculum. Activities during other times of the day will include small group NVC processes, support with certification activities (e.g., journaling, understanding the Key Differentiations), mentoring and supporting growth around your learning edges, practice and feedback of your NVC offerings, home group meetings, one-onone meetings with certified trainers and assessors, family mediations, and certification preassessments. We have brainstormed to imagine a rich experience that will include activities beyond what may be possible at our in-person retreats. CALF (Candidates/Community Active Learning Forum) originally started as an online offering to create community for those candidates who were not able to attend in-person offerings. We are excited to be returning to our roots in this way, and to be building a community across the world. CALF is led by a seasoned team of CNVC assessors and trainers residing in Switzerland, Canada, Israel and the United States, who speak German, French, Hebrew and English. During our retreat, we will offer training across different time zones, and some opportunities for connection in languages other than English. Attend our online community retreat and live your life in NVC consciousness guided by sharing and feedback from trainers and collegues who are available throughout a shared 9-day experience.

Contribution to Trainers and Organizers

We are requesting a contribution between $750 and $1,500 (USD) as compensation for the training and services provided by the team of trainers and organizers.

We understand that we live in uncertain times and that financial resources vary from person to person and from country to country. We welcome you to speak with CALF organizer Mark Friedman ( if your financial circumstances would otherwise prevent you from participating in CALFING 2020 to explore alternate strategies of compensation so that you can attend our retreat and compensate the team in a way that works for each of us.

To reserve your spot at the retreat, we will request a down payment of $500 (USD) by April 10th as part of the application/registration process. At the end of the retreat, you will have an opportunity to hear needs and requests from the team of trainers and organizers, to reflect on your own needs and the value you received from the retreat, and to make a second payment to bring your total contribution within the range we are requesting.

Registration and Down Payment

Registration for CALFING 2020 Online is now open.

This 9 day IIT-like online retreat is available to CNVC certification candidates, individuals exploring CNVC certification, and others with a commitment to share NVC. If you are registered as a Certification Candidate with CNVC, and your assessor is Sylvia Haskvitz ( or Michael Dillo (, you are invited to register now and make your down payment. Others are asked to contact Michael or Sylvia to discuss whether we are a match.

Registration for CALFING Arizona 2020 includes making a down payment and filling out a registration form.

To hold your spot at the retreat, we request a down payment of $500 (USD) sent to by April 10, 2020 through PayPal.  Visit as a direct way of making your PayPal payment to us.  Make reference to "CALFING 2020" in your PayPal payment.

(If you wish to make a down payment using some other method, please contact Mark at to let us know the needs behind your preference and to discuss another payment method.)

Complete your registration for CALFING 2020 Online by filling out the CALFING 2020 Online Registration Form

Upon completing and submitting this form, a copy of your responses will be sent to you at the email address you provide in the form. Please save the received email as it contains a link which will allow you to revisit this form and update your responses in the future.

Retreat Language

The retreat will be conducted in English with some opportunities to connect with others in languages other than English. It is important that participants have basic fluency in English.

Informational Teleconference Call

For more information and to participate in the co-creation of this community event, join us on a teleconferencing call on Wednesday, March 25th at 10:15 am Pacific/California time (Meeting ID: 216 695 3683). Connection details are above, or at (browser), or at (phone). Future calls will be posted on our website.

Spreading the Word

To pass on information about CALFING Arizona 2020, download, print and distribute the announcement flyer.

Contact Information

Voice/Text: +1 860-263-9263