Key Distinctions in Nonviolent Communication

Wednesdays: January 3, 17, 31 and February 7 (4 teleclasses)


Key Distinctions in Nonviolent Communication are a fundamental way of understanding NVC as a language of life, as a way to relate to ourselves and others and as a path of consciousness transformation. Each and every key differentiation is a reflection of the difference between the domination paradigm (power over/under) and the partnership paradigm (power with).

The Key Differentiations or Key Distinctions are part of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s legacy. This is part of the reason why we include them in the certification process. As we aware that for some of you, the KD’s are less than fun - We want to invite you onto our fun train and share why we are excited to play with them together! This course is open to anyone on the certification path no matter which assessor you are working with and candidates are encouraged to work with at least 3 certified trainers.

In this 4 session course we will explore together the 25 Key Differentiations which include request vs. demand, being giraffe vs doing giraffe and needs vs. strategies. In this exploration we will clarify our conceptual understanding, explore ways to share that understanding and look deeply at how each key distinction informs how we choose to live our day to day life.

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Wednesdays: January 3, 17, 31 and February 7
10:30 AM - 12:00 Noon Pacific
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$120 - 160 for four sessions
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If you have taken the last KD series, know that we will focus on different KD’s.


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