The CALF Vision

The CALF program is an adventure in being and becoming our authentic selves through knowing, sharing and living Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Within this caring community, CALF team members and participants accompany one another on a journey of blossoming into the fullness of ourselves through exploration, self-empowerment, self-responsibility, and increasing inner and outer resources.

Our focus is on:

  • Being rather than doing
  • Shifting from a life of power-over or power-under to power-with
  • Increasing awareness of how our actions and interactions impact the relationship with ourselves (I), our relationships with others (You), and what we co-create together (We).


Join us in the CALF program and experience the benefits which our program and community have to offer.:

  • Work with a team of four certified trainers (including three assessors).
  • Receive support for self exploration.
  • Empower yourself to move forward with next steps on your journey.
  • Step into co-creation and collaboration to create a program of partnership within a community valuing needs.
  • Discover the edges that limit you in reaching your full potential as a teacher and facilitator.
  • Transform your edges into more effective strategies for achieving your goals.
  • Bring NVC consciousness into your teaching.
  • Embody a consciousness of interdependence and partnership when sharing NVC.
  • Grow into your authentic self!