The NVC CALF Program

The Candidates/Community Active Learning Forum (CALF) is a community led by CNVC Certified Trainers and Assessors in partnership with CNVC Certification Candidates creating in-person retreats, online training and individual mentoring which build connection and support the learning and growth of candidates on their path to certification from the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC).  As we work towards becoming our authentic selves through knowing, sharing and living Nonviolent Communication (NVC), CALF values self-responsibility, power-with relationships, interdependence and co-creation, vulnerability and honest expression, and inclusion and community.

The seeds of CALF were planted following the 2007 Atlanta IIT when Faye Landey, CT, shared with Sylvia Haskvitz how lonely her certification journey was. Sylvia had heard this from other candidates as well — how they would have enjoyed more sense of community on their journey to certification. Together Faye and Sylvia created CALF in 2012. (Did you know that a baby giraffe is called a calf?) It started as an online community, especially geared towards those who were unable to meet in person, a place for support and learning. Over the years the team expanded and now includes Sylvia Haskvitz, Michael Dillo (CTs and CNVC Assessors), Anne Walton and Ellen Eisenberg (CTs), Mark Friedman (CNVC Candidate), and Rita Herzog (on whose kitchen table CNVC started).

At the request of Mark, we began offering in person retreats as well. They began as a few day events, to which we have since added 9 day IIT like events (CALFING) following Marshall’s curriculum and designed specifically for candidates and those sharing NVC. During these events, participants have the opportunity to present and receive feedback, participate in their own and others pre-assessments and assessments, develop deep friendships with colleagues and share resources.

We offer online classes in journaling, mentoring, key distinctions, leadership/facilitation and feedback (giving and receiving). Candidates are also invited to join us for monthly calls in English and Spiritual Sundays zoom teleconferences with Marshall’s video clips as a way to connect candidates with the source of NVC. The CALF team celebrates the formation of several self-created groups of candidates that meet regularly to support each other on their path to certification, a real sign of leadership and self-responsibility.

In the practice of living NVC in all aspects of life, we also make requests for financial contributions as NVC is our sole means of sustainability. At our retreats, we ask participants to contribute fully to the hard costs (those costs which are fixed) and we do a money dance around team contributions with an intention to consider both the candidates’ needs and the trainers’ needs. When candidates finances are not flowing, we support participants in accessing resources through GoFundMe and other personal funding campaigns, scholarships and by making requests of other attendees.

The CALF program has no beginning and no ending; rather it’s a source of support, mentoring, learning, growth and inspiration along the path. The online courses and in person events enhance candidate’s knowing, living and sharing NVC to the best of their ability. Pre-assessment and final assessment happens by mutual agreement on the part of the candidate and the assessor. There is no minimum or maximum number of classes to take or workshops to attend. We use the CPP as a guideline as candidates journey through the certification process. Candidates are in choice whether they would like to partake in any or all of our offerings.

We are inclusive of anyone wanting to participate whether or not they are working with one of the two assessors (Michael or Sylvia) on the CALF team. We have occasionally welcomed participants who are sharing NVC and who are still in the decision making process (undecided) about beginning the certification path. We hold a deep honoring and respect for Marshall’s work and enjoy passing NVC on to others in the way he taught us.

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Are you interested in joining our community? Contact us to learn more.