Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions we have received in the past.

CNVC Certification Candidates and the CALF Program

If I do not plan to be certified, can I participate in the CALF program?

Yes! In keeping with the vision of CNVC for a critical mass of the world's population to use NVC, we recognize that trainers play a key role whether certified or not. We want to partner with you for your readiness to take this work into the world and being certified is not a prerequisite.

Do I have to be a registered candidate with Sylvia Haskvitz?

If you choose to seek certification, you are invited to register with any CNVC assessor of your choice, and we suggest you discuss with that assessor ways in which this program might enhance your readiness.

Is the CALF program a path to certification?

The suggested path to Certification is outlined in the Certification Packet at the CNVC website. The CALF program is designed to support you on that path to boost your ownership of the process.

Is the CALF program required for assessment?

The CALF program will offer insight and practice for you to arrive at competence and readiness. CALF is one of numerous strategies and programs offered in the NVC network. CALF is not a requirement for assessment.

Will the CALF program help me shortcut the time it takes to be certified?

You are the author of the length of your own journey. CALF is designed for you to maintain your focus in order to respect your own schedule so you have choice in your process. Various aspects of the program are designed for accountability, support and motivation.

Will I be qualified for CNVC certification if I take the CALF program?

CALF makes available in-depth exercises so that you can rate your own level of integration of NVC consciousness. Your readiness and competency will then be a joint determination between you and your assessor.

Is there a paid training position at the end of my certification through the CNVC?

You will join the NVC network designated as a CNVC Certified Trainer. How you take NVC into the world is an open slate for your own creativity and vision.

Since online training counts toward 20% of the recommended hours toward CNVC certification, won't I be better off to work with the certified trainers in person?

Not everyone has the resources to travel or participate in in-person retreats. Distance learning is gaining in acceptance and the 20% is a guideline by CNVC for you to select and gauge your variety of training choices. You and your assessor will determine your readiness for Certification, and the percentages are a suggested guideline.

What kind of certificate will I get after the CALF program?

Should you want a written verification of the hours of participation we will be happy to provide you with a paper certificate denoting that you have participated in the CALF 2014 program . (A request for postage, printing and administrative time may be applied).